Rummaging around YouTube the other day, I went and looked back over the Google Zeitgeist videos. 

I easily get swept up in these videos, as they are obviously designed to trigger your emotions from the previous year. However, comparing 2014's video (above) with 2011's - 

 - I'm a little disappointed. In 2010, Google's software is the navigator of the video and the experiences, by 2014, the software takes a back seat to treated images. 

When first seeing the 2010 video, I was personally very motivated to improve my software skills, as it was one of the first demonstrations on how much software could impact your life and more richly experience it. Google (or rather Google's advertising crew) show this experience through its dull interface, which our shared experience of using the software. 

Now, it appears that Google is hitting on those triggers I mentioned above and associating itself with anything that happens, which takes away from the software experience.