White Noise

I listen to white noise most of the day. It’s the background sound that drowns out my tinnitus that isn’t a distraction like letting Netflix run in the background. While plenty of folks make claims that it boosts brainpower, I’d argue it’s probably because folks tend to be more focused.

While sites like Noisli and A Soft Murmur allow users to make general white noise sounds to cancel or at least drown out tinnitus and nearby room noise, I find that actually noisy sounding white noise is best for me.

In order to add my two cents to the endless stream of opinions on the Internet, I’ll recommend a few videos from two channels that I use almost everyday.

Sleep Ambient

This channel has two main focuses - general fantasy settings and video game environments. It’s particularly good for its blend of environmental noises - the weather, the interior sounds, active agents (typically animals) and maybe water.

It’s also a good place to appreciate the sound designers of video games and their level of detail for environments the player is typically running past. The channel is often in fact recordings of just letting the game run without moving the controller, as every now and then game notifications will pop up.

Harry Potter ASMR

I liked the Harry Potter series but even if you didn't, this channel does an excellent job of not only doing environmental mixes as Sleep Ambient does, but also creating shifts in those environments over time, such as with the "Dumbledore's Office" where presumbably he wanders to grab a book or in the Three Broomsticks where the noise will get louder as the pub fills up and quieter as guests leave. Of course, you only see a few minor shadows moving in and out of the pub.

I greatly appreciate the people who put these mixes together. For anyone with tinnitus or prone to easy distraction, the soundscapes provide an ignorable level of distraction and the right amount of audio buffer.

I would been in a massive debt to YouTube if they would set the commercials to ones that don’t involve people screaming right before or in these middle of these videos.