Towards Skyscrapers

I was once asked by an employer what I wanted to build and I told him (a couple drinks in at this point) - skyscrapers.

I'm no architect, what I meant, was that I wanted to build large pieces of software. The challenge of a large piece of software is there for most developers whether they are working in OS, web apps, games or whatever else. There is some skyscraper for your world. Except, maybe brouchure-ware.

Walking in downtown Seattle, I realize that I feel should never be trusted to build a skyscraper. What do I know to preserve a standing structure in the face of a real world environment? I take solace in the three posts below of a few people who started by asking simple questions and built cities from there.

Larry Page co-founder of Google onĀ a Java forum asking about User-Agents:

I have a web robot which is a Java app. I need to be able to set the User-Agent field in the HTTP header in order to be a good net citizen (so people know who is accessing their server). Anyone have any ideas?

Notch inventor of Minecraft, sharing his alpha build:

It's an alpha version, so there might be crashes. You can read some background and insight on my blog available from the game page. The main inspiration for this game is Infiniminer, but it's going to move in a more Dwarf Fortress way, gameplay wise. =)

[Personally - I'm a little disappointed he didn't keep fortress mode]

Linus Benedict Torvalds asking for documentation for a project:

Due to a project I'm working on (in minix), I'm interested in the posix standard definition. Could somebody please point me to a (preferably) machine-readable format of the latest posix rules? Ftp-sites would be nice.

No one starts by building Skyscrapers and I guess after all, history didn't either.