Deepity is a new term for me. I've grown rather fond of trying to identify them in my daily life. Unfortunately, I believe I'm the number one source of them.

A collision of discussions about business opportunities and this term, made me start to look for them in software development, or rather the business component of software.

Starry-eyed programmers may dream of creating a Facebook or Google, and may have, in an attempt to align themselves with these giants, developed some nebulous idea for what their billion dollar company will do: "Connect", "Engage", or "Expand".

Fortunately, software really brings this to deepity practice to a halt. Software and its many development practices, asks the question right up front - "What is this going to do?" Or some variant like "What's the deliverable?" "Lay down the starting feature set?" Even without wasting your time building up user narratives or ideal user scenarios, your confronted with the limitations of deepity.

Thus here comes my didactic - If you can't lay out exactly what your billion dollar software will do in these simple terms, you can't program it and you don't really have an idea. You have something that sounds right  - "People need to connect" - but doesn't really provide much value. 

So on that, and make sure to throw that in the face of the every hundreth person with a start up idea.