Stop Billing yourself as Hubris

I don't know about you, but typically when I hear the label "evangelist", I think of a branch of Christianity I have walked away from and dudes who got their heads chopped off for spreading the same religion. 

So I don't really get the role of the Evangelist in the tech world. No - I get it from a business perspective. I just don't understand why the hell folks have decided to name themselves like this. At all.


(On a sidenote, why does the ad say "Coming to America" when he's helping the Toronto Maple Leafs?)

Consider the phrase Webguru or Webmaster. Gone the way of the buffalo, and you might just consider anyone who would bill themselves as such to be, you know, TOOLS! 

So when I hear Evangelist, I think of an individual with a short lived job title that'll probably be looked at with disdain as some corporate branded hubris.